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2005-01-24 - 7:49 p.m.

Pet My Shoe

Well, ultrasounds are really kind of dumb. I mean are you hospital types really trying to tell me that you can see through my skin, my stomach, my protective layer of fat, my womb/uterus/whatever, my kids skin and all that crap�directly to the bones of a 13 ounce 6-8 inch long unborn child and yet and STILL you can�t see between it�s itty bitty legs to see if it has a dick or not? Now I ask you�how far has modern medicine really come and what kind of crap are they trying to pull? I�m just sayin people need callin, plans need to be made and shoes need to be purchased. So I go back on the 27th so they can tell me for sure. The best they could do was 80%--not bad but not for sure and I ain�t paintin on 80%. Just sayin. Also I found out that when the tech lady leaves the room if you try and stand on your head and jiggle about to get the kid to move out of position it doesn�t really work. Ih �weell. (I think that is Scottish for oh well) Brian did make a funny joke though he said if it turns out to be a girl it will be the only time in her life we are trying to get her to spread her legs.

Little know fact (to me at least�until I became pregnant) pregnant chicks can�t have caffeine. You will never know how much you miss it. Coffee, coke , chocolate, coffee,coffee,coffee. Decaf blows.

On the great side of the world when I went for the ultrasound (really they should call it the sososound) I did find out that everything was looking healthy and good. So thank you God and that�s all I can really want. Can I get yay fetus!

I bought three pairs of shoes in the past few weeks which are quite a bit past hype if I do say so myself �one pair is a dalmation print pair of clogs and two people have actually reached down to pet them. When I meet stupid people I have to fight down the instinct to say �why yes, that is real dog hair---the softness comes from the fact that they use puppies�

Tonight I will be using my lovely MAC giftcard to purchase some cosmetics---woohoo lipgloss and sticks�watch out. Tonight we will also be going to the P F Changs�yay. We are trying to get in a lot of quality date time because we figure once the kid comes that will be it for a little while.

New job is going quite loverly at the moment but I do miss my old peeps. They are more family than friends and to be honest these people are a lot -----how do I put this----richer and whiter I know that sounds very weird coming from a white person but trust me it is true.. It is all very strange. They see things very differently. We have people like- a Harvard lawyer, a doctor, a cute little blonde who�s quitting to be a housewife�.and then me and Wendy. It�s a very interesting mix. Wendy and I were the only people who wore jeans to the Christmas party (I mean they WERE rockstar jeans so fuck--) But like Rodney King we all just get along. (I know that probably made you cringe just now).

Ok so I know when I�m done�bye.

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